|Department of Banking and Finance|

With a focus on both theoretical and practical knowledge, our curricula centers on practical applications and interdisciplinary integration. Our Department collaborates with CTBC Holding, Chinatrust Financial Group, and related corporations to have financial practitioners pass on their professional knowledge and skills to our students in a diversified learning environment. Additionally, our Department offers scholarships and financial aid to students so that they do not have financial concerns during their time here. With our systematic learning approach, interdisciplinary integration, collaborations with corporate elite resources in the industry, and scholarships and financial aid, we aim to foster international professionals in finance.

The College excels at research and teaching in the financial field with the current establishment of the graduate school program in Financial Management, as well as undergraduate programs in Banking and Finance, Business and Economic Law, Business Administration.

The Department of Banking and Finance emphasizes practical applications and interdisciplinary integration with an aim to cultivate students into future pillars of practitioners in finance.


|Department of Business Administration|

Our goal is to cultivate professionals in business administration. Outstanding talents at home and abroad, as well as those with expertise in business, are selected and appointed as our teaching staff. We collaborate with the industry and allow students to understand how the industry really works through our comprehensive internship programs. This will truly integrate theories and practices, as well as alleviate the gap between knowledge and application.

The Department aims to build the strongest teaching and research team in business administration nationwide, and show our students the profundity of knowledge in such fields by integrating academic power and Chinatrust Financial Group’s resources both at home and abroad. Students in this Department will be exposed to a diversified learning environment: professional curriculums, Whole Person development from liberal arts education, solid training in language education, physical education training, self-reflection from service learning, self-exploration from club activities, library access, real experience through internship programs, horizon-expanding international visits, and a macroscopic mentor-mentee system. Four years of such holistic learning will cultivate our students into outstanding talents in business management with independent thinking, professional innovative abilities, honest and practical characteristics, and an international vision.

|Interdisciplinary Programs|

CTBC Interdisciplinary Programs



|MBA in Financial Management|

The graduate program in Financial Management offers two tracks: (A) Financial Administration and (B) Financial Laws.

Our curricula focuses on research methods, practical and professional skills, and case analysis ability. Like our undergraduate programs, students in both tracks under our program will be arranged to participate in training sessions given to leading candidates for enterprises and pay field visits to different corporate. In addition to offering courses taught by world-class faculty members in our program, we have also collaborated with internationally-renowned schools to offer professional courses. The top quality research resources accumulated over the years and the environment on campus have also helped us recruit international talents and fostered international managerial professionals in finance for Taiwan.

Advanced management core courses include Leadership and Performance, Financial Product Innovation, Investment Decision Analysis, Banking Risk Management, and Seminar on Financial Planning. Practice courses include Case Analysis, International Financial Markets, Seminar on Digital Finance, Seminar on Trading Strategy, Credit Practice in Banking, Business Merger and Acquisition, Bank Holding Company Law and Practice, International Law and Practice in Banking Operations, Financial Market Regulations and Practice, Financial Mergers Law, and Legal Compliance and Practice in Finance.