| Mission Statement |
The mission of CTBC Business School is to promote public interest, and support the underprivileged and talented, and we have the vision to be the most practice-oriented financial school in Asia that offers professional and liberal art studies as we nurturing international financiers. By insisting the commitment to the core value of “light up a light is to light up a life”, the School symbolized as a lighthouse serves in the historical Tainan to be the guidance for youths. In order to meet international trend as a professional business school, we have chosen four core values – Liberal, Macroscopic, Professional, and Practical as the basis of development, and disgustingly offered the benefit of “graduation equals employment” to eligible graduates.


|About us|

About CTBC Business School
The establishment of CTBC Business School was approved by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan in 2015, and the School received funding from Taiwan Lottery, a subsidiary of CTBC Financial Holding. As our development goal, CTBC founder, Jeffery Koo Jr. and Chairman, Chi-tai Feng expect the College to cultivate future business leaders, and excel as the most practical financial college in Asia.



  • Distinctly professional courses in finance and management instructed by affiliated faculty members
  • English-taught program and support learning of multiple foreign languages
  • Develop a personal network with international linkage and broad perspective
  • Promote humanities and art to enhance interdisciplinary learning and development