Welcome Yokohama Chinese School Board for future collaboration.

1. Dr. Shih, Kuang-hsun posed photo for Yokohama Chinese Overseas School Chairman Lo, Ho-ken and Principal Feng, Yen-kuo, and received school flag as a friendly symbol between the two institutions.
2. Two student representatives were invited to share their learning experiences and aspirations for overseas study with the guests. Students dressed up to represent CTBC spirit and act gracefully.
3. Group photo for all the attendees to leave a good memory and look forward to having more cooperation with Yokohama Oversea Chinese School
4. Dr. Shih Kuang-hsun was presenting the blueprint for the future campus and the development vision, including the rational use of school grounds, innovative planning and community development.
5. Dr. Shih Kuang-hsun introduced the grand ICRT studio to the guests, and further explained the mission and running method. Most of the radio commercial and CTBC broadcasting were recorded right here at ICRT Tainan.
6. Group photo in front of ICRT Tainan studio.