The path of study at The CTBC Financial Management College is goal-oriented, and our concentration and strength in the finance industry will give you the room to challenge yourself as a future business leader who is capable of contributing positive change in the world. Through our condensed financial programs, you'll have the opportunity to pursue your own path of becoming a successful financial professional.
Undergraduate - Banking and Finance
The Department is designed to provide a broad knowledge and skills in business finance to equip students as future leading business professionals. The curriculum has two distinctive focus in financial marketing and big data, and both provides the essentiality to ensure the students can learn real-world concepts and tools of analysis required for making effective financial decisions, and able to transfer that acquired knowledge and skillset into the job market in the future.
Undergraduate- Business Administration
The Department helps student to understand financial services and industry including banks, insurance companies, funding management companies, stock brokerages, investment funds, and introduce the theory of marketing and consumer behavior and further applied in the financial service industry. The program enabling students to understand the theory of marketing, consumer behavior, financial environment and services, and related legal provisions.
Graduate School of Financial Management
A rigorous and leadership focused program offers applicable curriculum, which students can immediately apply in their future career in the financial organization and international banking industry. Our top-rank faculty includes CTBC Senior Managers help students understanding the issues and methodologies essentials to the advancement of knowledge in actual banking industry, and promote the innovational theory of financial operations.



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